What does a financial dominatrix consider when setting her rates?

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As a financial dominatrix, I understand that setting rates is an important part of running a successful business. I value my time and the value of my services, so it’s important to set fees that are fair and appropriate for the work I am providing.

When determining what my rates will be, I consider a number of factors, including the nature of the client’s request, the complexity of the task, and the amount of time and effort I must put in to provide the service they require. To ensure I am compensated accordingly for my work and that my clients understand the value of my services, I also charge for​​ time spent in discussion with the client, emails, and text messages.

I believe in being fair and honest with my clients. To that end, before engaging in any services, I always set out the time and payment commitments, and reiterates those commitments while we’re working together. On some occasions, to give more flexibility to my clients, I may also consider discounts or allowing for payment plans.

Ultimately, my rates reflect the value I offer my clients. An affluent and accomplished person who understands the importance of a secure financial situation requires a different rate than someone with a more limited disposable income. Similarly, different tasks, for example a financial plan advising service, requires different rates than a debt payment or budgeting plan advising service.

As a financial dominatrix I take my work seriously and always aim to provide quality services to my clients. When setting my rates, I make sure that they reflect the services I offer and that they are fair and equitable to both myself and my valuable clients. Learn more.

Does the type of footwear affect your enjoyment of foot worship activities?

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When it comes to engaging in foot worship activities, the type of footwear chosen plays an important role in creating an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. From stylish heels to barefeet, the right footwear can be the difference between an unforgettable experience and an uncomfortable one.

To begin, if your foot-worship partner prefers wearing heels, then high-quality heels can be an important part of engaging in foot worship activities. Not only do they look beautiful, but they can also be a great way to show off your feet and add a touch of class to your intimate sessions. Pumps, ankle boots and even stiletto heels can all be great footwear options when indulging in foot worship activities.

Barefeet can also be great for a foot- worshipping session, as it allows your partner to experience the full sensation of your feet. Touching your soles and the soft spaces between your toes can be a surprisingly sensuous activity, and it’s a great way to explore pleasurable sensations.

Though if barefeet isn’t your cup of tea, something like a pair of soft, comfortable sock can be a great way to still go barefoot while adding a layer of protection and softness.

When it comes to finding the right type of footwear for foot worship activities, it’s important to think about the kind of activities you’ll be engaging in. Will you be engaging in some light massaging? Or maybe lip service? Whatever kind of activities are planned, it’s important to make sure that the footwear chosen will be comfortable and pleasurable for both people involved.

No matter what kind of footwear you choose, the important thing is that it’s working with you and your partner to create an enjoyable and memorable experience while engaging in foot worship activities. As long as there is an understanding between the two people involved and the type of footwear selected is comfortable for both people, then there’s no reason why the type of footwear can’t help enhance the pleasure of engaging in foot worshipping activities.

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